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July 2015

Biblical Discipleship is Used by Medical Interns (when it comes to medical procedures)

  1. See One
  2. Do One
  3. Teach One

Famous Quotes

“To do is to do.” – Aristotle
“To do is to be.” – Plato
“To be is to do.” – Socrates
“Do be do be doo.” – Sinatra

Outlining (This is the basic outline that Andy Stanley uses)

  • Me – Here’s my problem.
  • We – Here’s how we struggle with this problem.
  • God – Here’s what the Bible says about it.
  • You – Here’s how you can change.
  • We – What if we all did this?

Inspiring Leaders… (Lee Colan)

  1. Install a rigorous selection process to ensure they hire only the best and brightest.
  2. Set a clear and compelling vision.
  3. Collaborate with their team to define a plan for realizing that vision.
  4. Keep the plan visible.
  5. Keep score along the way to keep the team energized and accountable.
  6. Look for people doing something right and recognize it.
  7. Eliminate barriers to getting work done.
  8. Address even minor performance issues with proactive coaching.
  9. Listen more than they talk.
  10. Uncompromisingly uphold the team’s values by using them to make big and little decisions.
  11. Give credit for and reward successes.
  12. Get to know the person behind the employee.
  13. Care about their people as much as their people’s performance.
  14. Focus on the organization’s purpose as much as (if not more) than profits.
  15. Consistently and frequently communicate even when there is apparently no news.

What Do You Do With Sin? – 1 John 1:9 (Mary Southerland)

  1. We must confess sin continually. “Confess” means to agree with. It is a present tense verb meaning that we must confess sin frequently, without stopping.
  2. We must confess sin completely. We commit sins one by one. We need to confess them one by one as well.
  3. We must confess our sin confidently. Once we confess sin we can put it behind us. God is just and fair – seeking only one payment for sin. Jesus has already made full and complete payment with His death on the cross.

Be sure to keep short accounts, and diligently use God’s Spot (sin) Remover.

Check out these interesting sites: – Source for quotes, stories, and illustrations – Resources and materials to help develop believers and local churches

Time to Ask Myself… Am I Protecting My Heart and Ministry from an Affair? (Part 2 of 7)

Ron Edmondson /

It seems every day we hear of another big name celebrity, politician, or pastor that has fallen into the temptation of lust and had an affair. I think it is dangerous for any leader to assume this could never happen to him. Speaking as a man, I understand that temptation is very real. When the mind begins to wander in a lustful direction, it is very hard to control. The failure, I believe, comes more in not protecting the heart and mind. I know that I must personally work to protect myself, my wife, my boys, and my church from the scandal and embarrassment of an affair. Here’s the second of seven rules I have in place that serve to protect my heart and the second of seven attempts I have to protect my family from the stress of ministry:

  1. I try not to conduct personal or intimate conversations with women. I am careful not to compliment women on their appearance, unless I feel she needs the encouragement and her husband or my wife is in the conversation. If a woman is in tears I am careful about prolonging the conversation. When emotions are flowing, people get vulnerable. There are women on our staff and in our church equal or more capable than me to deal with these type conversations.
  1. Cheryl and the boys trump everything on my calendar. I always interrupt meetings for their phone calls. If they are on my schedule for something we have planned together it takes precedence over everything and everyone else. There are always emergencies, but this extremely rare for me… extremely!

If a pastor is not careful, the weight of everyone else’s problems will take precedence over the issues and concerns of his immediate family. I see it frequently among pastors I encounter. There have been seasons of my ministry where this is the case, especially on abnormally stressful days. I decided years ago when I was a small business owner, serving in an elected office and on dozens of non-profit boards that my busyness would never detract from my family life on a long-term basis.

Ask yourself this question: How healthy is your family? What are you doing to protect it?

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